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The myCoastalRetirement Plan offers a range of quality segregated funds and Guaranteed Interest Accounts (GIAs). Segregated funds are a pooled investment fund, much like a mutual fund, that is established by a life insurance company and segregated from the general assets of the company. Segregated funds are offered within group retirement and savings plans such as the myCoastal RRSP, TFSA and NRSP. Like most mutual funds, segregated funds offer no guarantee of investment performance or return of amounts invested. Many of these funds aren't available to individual investors.

Click on a fund name below to find more detailed information about the fund. Learning more about each fund may help you determine which ones you'd like to invest in.

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Fund name
Asset Class: Target Date Funds
2000 Manulife Retirement Income Fund
2020 Manulife Retirement Date 2020 Fund
2025 Manulife Retirement Date 2025 Fund
2030 Manulife Retirement Date 2030 Fund
2035 Manulife Retirement Date 2035 Fund
2040 Manulife Retirement Date 2040 Fund
2045 Manulife Retirement Date 2045 Fund
2050 Manulife Retirement Date 2050 Fund
2055 Manulife Retirement Date 2055 Fund
2060 Manulife Retirement Date 2060 Fund
Asset Class: Asset Allocation
2001 Manulife Conservative Asset Allocation Fund
2002 Manulife Moderate Asset Allocation Fund
2003 Manulife Balanced Asset Allocation Fund
2004 Manulife Growth Asset Allocation Fund
2005 Manulife Aggressive Asset Allocation Fund
Asset Class: Guaranteed Interest Accounts and Money Market
1001,1003,1005 1, 3, 5, Guaranteed Interest Accounts
3132 MLI Canadian Money Market (MAM)
3191 Manulife Daily High Interest Fund
Asset Class: Fixed Income
4191 MLI Asset Management Canadian Bond Index
4271 Manulife PH&N Bond Fund
4273 Manulife PH&N Short Term Bond & Mortgage Fund
Asset Class: Balanced
5132 Manulife MMF Monthly High Income Fund
5141 Manulife Fidelity Canadian Asset Allocation Fund
5291 Manulife Guardian Ethical Management Balanced Fund
5301 Manulife Leith Wheeler Diversified Pooled Fund
Asset Class: Canadian Large Cap Equity
7122 Manulife MMF Growth Opportunities Fund
7132 MLI Asset Management Canadian Equity Index
7241 Manulife Jarislowsky Fraser Canadian Equity Fund
7481 Manulife Greystone Canadian Equity Fund
7601 Manulife Scheer Rowlett Canadian Equity Fund
Asset Class: U.S. Equity
8131 Manulife MAM Pooled U.S. Index Fund
8196 MLI U.S. Diversified Growth Equity Fund(Wellington)
Asset Class: International Equity
8321 Manulife BlackRock International Equity Index Fund
8192 Manulife International Equity (Templeton)
Asset Class: Global Real Estate
8181 Manulife Trimark Fund
8161 Manulife McLean Budden Global Equity Fund

Rates of return

Review the rates of return for the funds available through the myCoastal Retirement Plan. Remember, these rates of return represent past performance and cannot guarantee future results.

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