Frequently asked questions

How often will I receive member statements for my account?

Member statements are mailed to your home address and available online annually.

Your account information is also available online at any time. Select Access your Account and log in for your account details.

How much can I contribute annually to myCoastal Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)?

Your maximum contribution limit can be found on the Notice of Assessment issued to you by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) each year. You are responsible for ensuring you do not exceed your personal contribution limit.

Your maximum contribution amount may change if you have any of the following:

  • A pension adjustment,
  • Unused contribution room that you have carried forward, or
  • Individual registered savings to which you are also contributing.

Note: These maximums are subject to change annually.

Can I transfer my other personal assets to myCoastal Retirement Plan?

Yes. To transfer other personal assets simply download, print and complete a Transfer Authorization Form and submit it to your current financial institution to initiate the transfer to Manulife.

Where can I get information on the investments available in the program?

To learn more about the investments offered within the program, refer to the Your Investment Options section of this website.

Is there a cost to make changes to my investments?

There is no cost to make changes to your investments online or by phone.

To make changes online go to Access your account or make changes over the phone by calling 1-888-727-7766.

To make changes using a paper form, go to Forms to manage your account. If you make more than four changes to your investments in a year using a paper form, a $25 fee per additional form will apply.

If I leave the myCoastal Retirement Plan, what are the advantages of the Manulife Personal Plan?

Manulife Personal Plan offers you the following advantages:

  • Keep the same or similar investments you had under myCoastal Retirement Plan
  • Keep the same services and tools available at Manulife Financial
  • All-inclusive investment management fee (IMF) structure maintained with no additional fees (load, commissions, etc.)

The IMFs under the Manulife Personal Plan are higher than those under myCoastal Retirement Plan, but are still more competitive than the average investment fees available to individual investors. Please contact us for more information.

Why should I consider transferring other registered savings to myCoastal Retirement Plan?

Competitive fees – Lower fees mean more of your savings stay in your account, continuing to grow.

Member Rewards Program – If you transfer funds from a registered plan at another institution to your myCoastal RRSP, you will be able to take advantage of the Member Rewards Program even sooner!

Before initiating the transfer, be sure you understand any fees or penalties the relinquishing institution may charge you to transfer your savings out of their plan. If they do not have a specific form, complete a Transfer Authorization for Registered Investments form for each account you wish to transfer to your myCoastal RRSP. Send the completed form to the relinquishing institution. This will initiate the transfer of your savings to the myCoastal RRSP administered by Manulife Financial.

A single point of access – Enjoy the convenience of receiving one statement, going to one website, and calling one phone number to manage all your retirement savings.