Benefits of Plan Memberships

Use this website to enrol in the myCoastal Retirement Plan and access the forms and tools you need to make informed decisions about the money you are saving for your retirement.

Simply click Program Information above to access detailed information about your plan

The myCoastal Retirement Plan offers a convenient way to invest consistently and build your retirement savings.

  • A convenient way to save – Making regular contributions directly from your Coastal Community account makes it easier to commit to saving consistently. Even if the amount you contribute each time is small – and is an amount you're not likely to miss – it can grow very nicely over the long term.
  • Tax-deferred growth – Growth you realize in registered plans occurs in a tax-sheltered environment until you withdraw funds from the plan.
  • Lower investment management fees – Take advantage of the competitive investment management fees (IMFs) offered to Coastal Community members. Lower IMFs leave more of your savings in your retirement account and growing for you.
  • Leading fund managers – Through your myCoastal Retirement Plan, you have access to some of the world's leading fund managers and their funds. Many of these funds aren't available to individual investors.
  • Easy-to-read statements – myCoastal Retirement Plan statements provide updates on your savings and include tips and reminders to help you build an effective retirement savings plan.
  • The myCoastal Member Rewards Program – As your account balance grows, the IMFs you pay to invest are lowered.
Account value of your plan Increase in your interest rates/Decrease in your IMFs
$25,000 to $39,000 0.10%
$40,000 to $59,000 0.20%
$60,000 plus 0.25%